Scrambling: In search of lost paths. Teddy Soppelsa

DATE: Sunday 12th of May 2019
HOUR: 16.00pm
LOCATION: Canale di Tenno – Central Square
EVENT: Scrambling
COST: free


Scrambling is the time when you take your hands out of your pockets, say the British. When hands become essential for ascending and descending along short rocky ridges and steep grassy slopes – lands that today no one would define as mountain climbing -, Scrambling indicates an activity that is between hiking and mountaineering. A middle ground that contains endless possibilities to live and discover the mountain, often off the marked paths, able to bring to light the land of the pioneers of mountaineering.

An activity that in its purest form is true exploration, to be done even in the mountains close to home, imagining new routes and finding abandoned ones. Steep, wild and open to interpretation is the real land of scrambling. But getting out of the paths to enter the wild can be very dangerous and the scrambling must be faced with clear ideas and with an adequate mountaineering preparation.

Wild mountains, philosophy and ethics of scramblig will be discussed with Teddy Soppelsa, founder of the online magazine and modern explorer of the wildest mountains of the Belluno Dolomites.

© photo by Demis Scopel