CHANGING THE POINT OF VIEW. The importance of communication in environmental issues.

DATE: Saturday 11th of May 2019
ORA: From 10.00 to 11.00am
LOCATION: Canale di Tenno – Centro Gorfer
EVENT: Workshop
COST: Free

CHANGING THE POINT OF VIEW. The importance of communication in environmental issues.

“Doing” is certainly important, but “Communicating” is equally important.
How to propose different point of views on environmental issues in order to involve and invite to do something.


An association formed by residents and mountain workers, citizens, nature enthusiasts and professionals, with the aim to promote the conservation and coexistence between wolves and human activities.

In May 2016, after a series of nationwide media attacks on the “danger” that the wolf would provide to the inhabitants of the Val Taro, in the top Northen Apennines, a group of local inhabitants decided to actively respond, joining an association whose name is its mission statement “I am not afraid of the wolf”.

The association, since it began, has been active on several fronts: the divulgation of correct information on wolves and the great fauna in a context that favors the coexistence with human activities, in carrying out wolf monitoring projects in the Apennines and on the Alps through non-invasive investigation methods, and in communication campaigns through traditional and multimedia means
through a social platform with over 25,000 followers in order to publish information material daily, providing food for thought and opening the discussion for a peaceful comparison.

It organizes educational camps reserved for its members, combining outdoor experiences and training activities, thanks to the participation of experts.
It organizes events dedicated to citizens, breeders and all stakeholders that may come into conflict with the wolf and other wild animals.
It shares the life experience of its members, from the mountains to the cities, trying to promote respect for nature.

In about three years of activity the results obtained, the number of people coming from all over Italy brought to live the “warm” territories for the wolf, the days dedicated to show techniques for the protection of domestic animals, as well as the days spent on the tracks of the wolf and other wild animals, exceeded all expectations.