Cascada: Catch and bring it back

DATE: domenica 12 maggio 2019
HOUR: 09.00
LOCATION: Canale di Tenno, Meeting at the square/AD Village
EVENT: Run in Couples
COST: Free
Limited Places Available: 50 couples
Event with reservation

Membership Required
If you don’t have a Coni membership card, buy our US-ACLI card for 1.50 euros.

Catch And Bring Back is a trail running and trekking event that combines the spirit of adventure, exploration and orientation.

The participants will have to “capture” three different checkpoints (“hares”) scattered over the territory and bring them back to the start. It is not a race, but an experience to live immersed in nature.

If you don’t have a Coni membership card, buy our US-ACLI card for 1.50 euros.

Se non hai già una tessera di affiliazione a un ente Coni, acquista la nostra di US-ACLI a 1,5 euro. For RUNNERS, you also need a valid medical certificate, otherwise you will be excluded.


Maximum 50 participating couples.
Mandatory pre-registration.

AKU SPECIAL PROMOTION for the first 10 members registered for the trekking.

Try the new Selvatica model! Send us a request to with your shoe number and you will find it at the start of the C&BB.

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